The alternative to the

"rubber chicken dinner"


Digital Lifestyles is a small Calgary business that believes in helping those in our community who find themselves in less fortunate circumstances due to disabilities, chronic and life threatening illness. I think there are enough walks, runs and cycling events. Golf tournaments and gala dinners are pretty common, but we wanted something different. Let's face it we have all ended up at the "rubber chicken dinner" fundraiser where you're working on an exit strategy even before you show up! It needed to be something comfortable, compelling and incredibly entertaining. The charity concert was born. lets take our entire marketing budget for the year throw a party for our clients and friends (It helps when you have friends in the music business) and try to double that amount and give it all to those in need. It's no more complicated that that! We went from raising a whole $9000 in our first try to over $80,000 in one event just four years later. To date we  have raised and donated well over $250,000 net to various worthy Calgary and Alberta charities.